"I Voted" Stickers become Cookies!

Custom Voter CookieI Voted Sticker CookiesI Voted Cookie Bite
Dylan asked us to create custom cookies for a fundraiser for The Civics Center, an effort to get high schoolers engaged in their community through education, organizing, and advocacy. A main component of this project is to help high school students plan voter registration drives at their schools.


You can't have a voter drive without an "I Voted" sticker - and it's even more creative to make it into a cookie! We used our special frosting printer to create these 3" round cookies that were handed out at the fundraiser. 


The Civics enter is a non-partisan nonprofit project of Community Partners, a 501(c)(3) organization. You can check out thecivicscenter.org for more information!


Thanks for choosing The Kosher Cookie Company, Dylan!