ARTICLE: Celebrating Essential Workers

Nurse Appreciation Cookies

We are so proud to have worked with our parent company, Bibi's Bakery to create special cookies for the nurses and doctors at local L.A. hospitals who are working on the front lines during the Covid-19 response. Our bakers used a "scrubs and stethoscope" design along with messages of appreciation for these special cookies. In partnership with Pizza World, another Kosher business in the area, the cookies were delivered to local emergency rooms. 

An excerpt from this recent article covering these efforts:

"At Bibi’s Bakery, a Kosher bakery on Pico Boulevard, owner Dan Messinger teamed up with Darren Melamed of Pizza World to deliver cookies and pizza to local emergency rooms. For every two pizzas or boxes of cookies that a customer sponsored, Messinger and Melamed would match it with their own donations.

Messinger even created a special cookie to show his gratitude for health workers: a scrubs shirt-shaped cookie with a stethoscope and “Thank You!” iced on top.

“It really is just the gesture,” Messinger said. “I think it can probably get lonely. Even though [the health workers are] all together, they feel like they’re on their island doing the work. And for them to know that there are people on the outside who are appreciating them, I think goes a long way.”

Messinger also hopes the enthusiasm for these types of projects won’t be temporary.

“In a couple of weeks, if this is just the norm, where we’re all just used to being at home and doing everything by Zoom and ordering in and all that, maybe we’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I guess the doctors are working hard,’” Messinger said. “If we have things like this, we can constantly remind everyone that they’re working beyond the norm, and then we can show them that we appreciate that and that we are supporting them.”